Not a ton of com­pa­nies can boast that they built their own blast booth, but we can. That should give you an idea about the inge­nu­ity and cre­ativ­i­ty that you will get when you work with Zey­on Inc. We use our cus­tom blast booth to remove dirt and con­t­a­m­i­nants off the project so that coat­ings will adhere bet­ter. Repur­pos­ing an old ship­ping con­tain­er to cre­ate our abra­sive blast room gives us the advan­tage of size. The pur­pose of the blast­ing booth is to do it in-house to help decrease deliv­ery and reduce over­head on out­side contracting. 
AccurShear Shear

Blasting Booth

  • Equip­ment summary
    • Zey­on reverse-engi­neered our blast­ing booth by pur­chas­ing used blast­ing equip­ment and a ship­ping con­tain­er. We built our recy­cling sep­a­ra­tor and duct work.
  • Capa­bil­i­ties
    • Car­bon steel sandblasting
    • SS glass bead blasting
  • Size
    • Up to 48″ OD x 96″ long maximum