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Not a ton of companies can boast that they built their own blast booth, but we can. That should give you an idea about the ingenuity and creativity that you will get when you work with Zeyon Inc. We use our custom blast booth to remove dirt and contaminants off the project so that coatings will adhere better. Repurposing an old shipping container to create our abrasive blast room gives us the advantage of size. The purpose of the blasting booth is to do it in-house to help decrease delivery and reduce overhead on outside contracting.
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Blasting Booth

  • Equipment summary
    • Zeyon reverse-engineered our blasting booth by purchasing used blasting equipment and a shipping container. We built our recycling separator and duct work.
  • Capabilities
    • Carbon steel sandblasting
    • SS glass bead blasting
  • Size
    • Up to 48″ OD x 96″ long maximum