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Press brakes aren’t necessarily new in the world of machining and fabrication, and that explains why they do the bulk of the forming work in shops. They operate synchronized hydraulic cylinders on the frames that move the rams. Nowadays, Computerized Numeric Controls (CNC) are used on press brakes to allow for a higher level of precision and control over the work piece. Our AccurPress press brake is a CNC-controlled press brake that delivers faster response times, faster piping, and better feed rates.
AccurPress Press Brake

AccurPress Press Brake

  • Equipment summary
    • The programmable memory allows us to record special configurations for specific materials and thicknesses, which reduces guesswork and setup time.
  • Tonnage
    • 175 tons
  • Bending length
    • 144″
  • Material thickness
    • 22GA to 1″
  • Multi-axis CNC control