Zeyon recently reopened our machine shop for the first time in 25 years.

Instead of stor­ing machines that take up space and add no val­ue to us or our cus­tomers, we decid­ed to put them to work.  We have found that the old work­horse machin­ing equip­ment was well worth the invest­ment to refur­bish. That’s why we cleaned them up, gave them seri­ous main­te­nance and over­haul, and got them work­ing once again. These machines have been an invalu­able resource for our in-house machin­ing to reduce our cus­tomer lead times and add diver­si­ty to our capa­bil­i­ties. There is noth­ing retro about these hard­work­ing machines. They have proven to be invalu­able assets to our pro­duc­tion and keep over­head costs down while improv­ing deliveries.
employee drilling
Lathe Machine