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The AccurShear hydraulic press shear is a great combination of simplicity and proven design and capabilities. The AccurShear is made with a welded and boxed-in bed table that has a high-torsion stiffness to balance the load from the cutting force. It delivers the strength, power, and rigidity needed to cut down large pieces of carbon and stainless steel. The hydraulic press shear is an invaluable tool that lets us stay at the forefront of manufacturing.
AccurShear Shear

AccurShear Shear

  • Equipment summary
    • The automated backstops allow us to quickly shear material without having to manually set up to cut.
  • Rated capacity
    • 22GA to 1/2″ Carbon Steel
    • 22GA to 3/8″ Stainless Steel
  • Length
    • 144″
  • Automated backstop