Investing In Efficiency

At Zey­on, we believe that updat­ing our fab­ri­ca­tion equip­ment on a con­sis­tent basis helps improve pro­duc­tion turn­around time and over­all prod­uct qual­i­ty. By short­en­ing lead times and being more effi­cient, we can com­plete projects on time. Updat­ing fab­ri­ca­tion equip­ment when new tech­nolo­gies emerge allows us to stay at the fore­front of the man­u­fac­tur­ing indus­try. This increas­es our capa­bil­i­ties and makes it pos­si­ble for our teams to design and build more effi­cient and com­plex solu­tions for our cus­tomers. Let us put this met­al work­ing equip­ment to work for you.

Below are some of our most recent equip­ment pur­chas­es, along with detailed infor­ma­tion and spec­i­fi­ca­tions about each one.