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One of the specialized pieces of equipment at Zeyon is a 4-roll plate roller. This piece of equipment can roll pieces of metal into round and conical shapes. Plate rolling also goes by plate rolling, plate bending, or roll bending. A 4-roll plate roller makes the bending process simpler than with 2- and 3-roll plate rollers. They make it possible to prebend both plate ends without removing the piece, which is required by single-pinch rollers.
JMT Plate Roller

4-Roll Hydraulic JMT Plate Roller

    • Equipment summary
      • The Plate roll allows Zeyon to roll our own shells and conical shapes
    • Max Thickness
      •  3/8”
    • Rating Bending Capacity
      • .375”
    • NC Control Touch Screen Digital Readout System
    • Conical Bending System