Investing in efficiency

At Zeyon, we believe that updating our equipment on a consistent basis helps improve production turnaround time and overall product quality. Below are some of our most recent equipment purchases, along with detailed information and specifications.
euromac punch press - new equipment

EUROMAC Punch Press

  • Equipment summary
    • The multi-tool canister allows multiple dies to be used simultaneously, and automatic material clamp positioning allows for hands-free operation of the punch press. All jobs processed on the machine can be saved for later use, which drastically reduces programming time.
  • Material width length
    • 40″ x 50″ (without re-positioning)
  • Material thickness (carbon and stainless)
    • Up to 3/8″
  • Positioning accuracy
    • +/- .0039″
press brake - new equipment

AccurPress Press Brake

  • Equipment summary
    • The programmable memory allows us to record special configurations for specific materials and thicknesses, which reduces guesswork and setup time.
  • Tonnage
    • 175 tons
  • Bending length
    • 144″
  • Material thickness
    • 22GA to 1″
  • Multi-axis CNC control
shear - new equipment

AccurShear Shear

  • Equipment summary
    • The automated backstops allow us to quickly shear material without having to manually set up to cut.
  • Rated capacity
    • 22GA to 1/2″ Carbon Steel
    • 22GA to 3/8″ Stainless Steel
  • Length
    • 144″
  • Automated backstop